Faster, more powerful extraction manufactured in Canada.

HIGH-FLOW PUMP Industry leading speed

full spectrum extraction Maximum yield on every run

Cold separation High-quality, undamaged product

CO2 recovery Recirculate solvent without delay

Process Management Fine tune operations for success

fully certified Federal safety certifications

The Q-Series was designed with industry-leading features to combine high-yield extractions with professional-quality results.

Since its release, the Vitalis Q-Series has quickly become renowned in the extraction industry for its speed and efficacy in extraction using carbon dioxide (CO2).

The solubility and mass transfer of target compounds in the solvent will determine the operating conditions for an extraction, as the pressure and temperature of extraction and separation can have a great influence on the composition of the final extracts and oil.

At a 45- or 90-L scalable capacity, the Vitalis Q-Series has been engineered to provide the operator with a wide range of pressure and temperature control for the option to produce any desired extract.

Featuring an assembly of vessels with dual separation lines and a flow speed of 900kg of solvent per hour, the Q-Series is the perfect workhorse to meet your industrial extraction needs.

Start extracting safer, higher yields today.


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Achieve commercial quantity extracts without compromise on extraction time.

The Vitalis proprietary positive-displacement pump is engineered for maximum duty cycle and flow rates.

The Vitalis positive-displacement pump moves up to 15 kg (15 L) of liquid CO2 per minute.

The volume of solvent that a Vitalis system can flow will yield commercial quantity extracts while still maintaining selectability for highest-grade quality.

Incredibly high flow rates equate to shorter run times with greater yields. When paired with our steady state operation capability, continuous output may be achieved on an industrial scale.



Industrial Hydraulic System
The Vitalis proprietary pump is designed specifically for liquid CO2. No rubber seals are used in our system, to maximize the pump lifetime.

Vitalis’ industrial hydraulic system drives our proprietary positive-displacement CO2 pump with greater efficiency than air-actuated pumps or boosters. Dual pistons ensure that there is no down-stroke. While one barrel fills with liquid CO2, the other is already ejecting.

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full spectrum extraction

Sub- and supercritical capabilities featured in a single machine.

The Vitalis Q Series delivers the capability to extract across a wide range of parameters, providing the best options for producing your desired extract.

The pressure and temperature parameters of both extraction and separation will greatly influence the composition of your final oil product. The solubility and mass transfer properties of the target material within the solvent CO2 determine the operating conditions for that extraction.

Subcritical and supercritical extractions may be performed in sequence to obtain a full-spectrum extract, retaining both

To perform an extraction with subcritical CO2 is of huge advantage to retain volatile yet valuable compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids. If followed in sequence by a supercritical extraction, the CO2 will fully scrub the matrix of extractants and obtain a full-spectrum extract.

How do we integrate phase control?

Vitalis' phase management system ensures your solvent is at the exact temperature you want it to be before entering the extraction vessel. By ensuring uniform temperature and pressure throughout the chamber you achieve accurate extraction results.

There is no time wasted reaching extraction conditions, either; Vitalis systems can reach supercritical phase within 5 minutes (much faster than our competitors), ultimately increasing your time spent extracting. To maintain extraction conditions for extended time requires minimal user input.


The Vitalis system features a phase management system in series to ensure extraction conditions within the extraction chamber.

Each extraction chamber has a 45L capacity and control over flow, temperature, and pressure.

We feature 3/4" process lines- wider than any available system- to minimize clogging for better exit flow.




Each Vitalis extraction chamber is equipped with a solvent feed diffuser to maximize spread and minimize solvent channeling while entering the vessel.

Dual extraction chambers gives you the capability to perform both static and dynamic extractions at the same time, making for faster run times. The operator can process on average 25 lbs of botanicals on one side whilst either soaking the same quantity of botanical, or performing maintenance on the other side; resulting in lowest in-class turnover time.


Safety Decompression Bracket
The safety decompression bracket ensures the extraction chamber has been properly vented before opening to avoid risk of explosion.

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cold separation

Achieve maximum yield recovery.

How does our technology so efficiently remove concentrates from the solvent?

Our patented TrueCyclonic technology effectively directs the process stream, allowing for the most efficient separation process where extractants drop out of the solvent flow for collection.

The cyclonic separator removes up to 95% of your yield in this first step.

Flash separation occurs in our secondary separator, where gravity causes the remaining extractants to drop to the bottom of the secondary separator for easy collection.


The Vitalis proprietary pump is designed specifically for liquid CO2. No rubber seals are used in our system, to maximize the pump lifetime.

Quick Clamp Closure
Our pressure vessels are fitted with ASME-compliant quick-closure clamps to remove the need to install and torque dozens of bolts every time you open your collection chambers.


The Future of Extraction is Here

Find out why a Vitalis system is the best option and the many benefits of CO2 over other solvents.
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CO2 Recovery

Our proprietary LiquidTec™ system is what makes Vitalis Extraction Technology stand apart from the rest.

Comprised of the pump, accumulator and condenser, our unique approach is what allows the Vitalis system to maintain the industrial flow rate that our competitors just cannot beat.

Great Flexibility and High Efficiency

A high-pressure, high-efficiency plated heat exchanger working in tandem with refrigeration technology converts CO2 gas back to a liquid at industrial speeds for storage.

The use of refrigerant in Vitalis condensers allows the system to operate at a lower temperature and pressure, equating to higher mass flow rates and therefore shorter runtimes.

The general approach to closed-loop carbon dioxide extraction is to store CO2 as a gas, and then compress CO2 gas back to a liquid to pump it around the system. Compressors are not efficient at moving mass.

Vitalis Extraction systems condense CO2 to a liquid and then pump it to maintain our high flow rate of 15L of CO2 per minute. The Vitalis team has engineered a highly efficient condensing system which supercools the CO2 as it exits the separation vessels, converting CO2 gas into a liquid.

As a part of the Vitalis LiquidTec system, storage of liquid CO2 in the accumulators enables mass injection of the solvent into the extraction process via the Vitalis proprietary pump.

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process management

The Vitalis control system simplifies daily operation of your system.

Featuring live data collection with self-regulating capability for steady-state operation.

Streamline your quality control and extraction operations with detailed batch records.

The control panel utilizes PID controls, deploying electronic feedback methods to self-modulate temperatures and pressures across the vessels for steady-state operation.

Vitalis Extraction Systems feature in-situ probes to monitor the temperatures and pressures across critical points, providing a live feed to the data collection dashboard. Process-trending analytics are automatically collected for batch records.

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As further legalizations and regulations are imposed, your operations will fall under scrutiny.


With a Vitalis extraction system you will be prepared to meet current and future regulations to future-proof your earnings.

United States
For buyers operating in the US, our pressure vessels and fittings are ASME certified and are National Board registered.

All electronics and machinery are UL compliant.

In Canada, every province and territory has regulations to govern the manufacturing, install, and operation of pressure vessels and piping.

Your equipment must be registered in every province you plan to use it in, and have the correct coordinating permits.

For Canadian buyers, our pressure vessels and fittings are ASME certified with CRN registration, and electronics and electrical equipment are CSA compliant.


Sanitary Practice

Vitalis systems follow industry best practices for sanitary design.

The extraction system is fabricated with a stainless steel exterior and interior for ease of cleaning. The interior of the extraction chambers are coated with nickle plated steel for strength, and the system is manufactured with no internal welds and a smoothness of 16RMS to prevent clogging.

The power unit is installed on a separate skid from the extraction unit so that it may be kept in a separate location.

Machine Specs


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