The Vitalis Q-Series Extraction Systems

The fastest, most powerful CO2 extraction systems, manufactured in Canada.

HIGH-FLOW PUMP Industry leading speed

full spectrum extraction Maximum yield on every run

Cold separation High-quality, undamaged product

CO2 recovery Recirculate solvent without delay

Process Management Fine tune operations for success

fully certified Federal safety certifications

The Q-Series was designed with industry-leading features to combine high-yield extractions with professional-quality results.

Since its release, the Vitalis Q-Series has quickly become renowned in the extraction industry for its speed and efficacy in extraction using carbon dioxide (CO2).

At a 90-L scalable capacity, the Vitalis Q-Series extraction systems have been engineered to provide the operator with a wide range of pressure and temperature control for the option to produce any desired extract.

The flagship of the Vitalis brand, the Q-Series incorporates our dual piston, positive displacement pump, TrueCyclonic separation technology, LiquidTec CO2 recovery system, and can process through more than 100lbs of product in a day.

Featuring an assembly of vessels with dual separation lines and a flow speed of 900kg of solvent per hour, the Q-Series is the perfect workhorse to meet your industrial extraction needs.


Full Spectrum Extract

The Vitalis Q-Series delivers the capability to extract across a wide range of parameters.

High-Flow Pump

The Vitalis proprietary positive-displacement pump is engineered for maximum duty cycle and flow rates.

Cold Separation

Our patented TrueCyclonic technology effectively allows for the most efficient cold separation process.

CO2 Recovery

Our proprietary LiquidTec™ system is what makes Vitalis Extraction Technology stand apart from the rest.

Phase Management

The Vitalis control system simplifies the daily operation of your system, and features live data collection.

Fully Certified

With a Vitalis extraction system you will be prepared to meet current and future regulations to future-proof your earnings.


Machine Specs



Find out why Vitalis systems are the best option for industrial scale supercritical and subcritical extraction