The Vitalis team is comprised of mechanical and chemical engineers, academics and experienced extractors.

Vitalis is one of the largest and most sophisticated manufacturers of botanical extraction systems in the world.

With a strict focus on quality and constant research and development, Vitalis provides certified equipment that is re-defining the capabilities of traditional extraction methodologies.

Feel comfortable with your purchase; Vitalis systems are manufactured with ASME-certified designs and are CSA/UL compliant, with individual state peer review.

We are happy to provide real extraction logs and lab results achieved with Vitalis technology for your assurance on investment.

Customers can expect constant access to assistance through our direct help line and online FAQ with instructional videos.

The Vitalis system is completely covered under warranty, which can be seen here.

Also included in the pricing of your Vitalis system are two days of on-site commissioning. We send a member of our team to help you set up and learn to run our system so that there are no hitches in your daily operation.


Experience long-lasting partnership and loyalty pricing.

With the best warranty available.