The Vitalis Care Program: Extra Support for Your Machine


At Vitalis, our dedication to customer support is a critical element to our continued success, which is why we are introducing Vitalis Care. The program is an addition to the 24/7 customer support that is provided to every Vitalis customer. This is a subscription service that can be purchased for your Vitalis extraction equipment, providing an added layer of care and maintenance to your operations and ensuring peak performance.

Upon subscription, the Vitalis Service Team will develop a detailed and customized schedule for quarterly 3-day site visits to perform several program specifics by one of our Service Technicians. This covers inspection and parts exchange, full system cleaning, and customized training and maintenance coaching.

1. Inspection

A Vitalis Service Technician will perform a full equipment inspection on all major and minor components. They will ensure that all Vitalis equipment is performing optimally to factory specifications. If any part of the system is found to be operating out of specification, the technician will address the issue with either a part repair or replacement. The system inspection will include, but is not limited to:

  • HMI control panel function and parts are inspected for function and accuracy
  • CO2 process lines and fittings are leak checked
  • CO2 pumps are inspected
  • Glycol-Water system is checked for leaks and glycol concentration is confirmed
  • Hydraulic System and lines are inspected, bearings are greased, and power unit settings are confirmed.
  • Includes all Pressure Relief Valves (PRV’s)
  • Consumables are reviewed and topped up if required

2. Cleaning

To ensure that the Vitalis equipment is operating at its maximum potential, the system will be fully disassembled and thoroughly cleaned inside and out. The cleaning program will include, but is not limited to:

  • Supercritical flush through both extraction vessels
  • Vent and purge all CO2 from the system
  • Cleaning of all pressure vessels
  • All process lines cleaned
  • The flow control valve is disassembled and cleaned
  • All glycol-water system filters removed and cleaned

3. Training

Finally, the Vitalis Service Technician will dedicate a portion of the site visit for retraining your equipment operators. This can cover a broad range of topics based on your needs and is fully customizable. Some suggestions for topics include:

  • Basic refresher of operation procedures
  • A review of safety practices when working with the Vitalis equipment
  • Equipment maintenance and cleaning schedule with associated procedures
  • Overview of extraction parameters and how to tune the system for specific outputs
  • HMI function and data logging
  • Advanced extraction tips using the Vitalis equipment
  • Custom lessons geared to specific areas of interest for the operation team

The Vitalis Care Program ensures that your Vitalis equipment is always performing at its best. Our knowledgeable Service Technicians will ensure that your staff are kept up to date with training and that you are getting the most from every extraction. This program makes certain that your Vitalis equipment gets the attention and care it deserves as a critical part of your manufacturing processes, offering optimal performance and optimal return.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, contact the Vitalis Service Department for more information and enrollment.

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