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The latest episode of the Cannabis Potcast hit the airwaves last week, featuring an interview with Vitalis CTO James Seabrook.

The show, available on Apple Podcasts and across the internet, explores the ever-changing landscape of Canadian cannabis culture, and features interviews and topics specific to the industry and lifestyle across the country. Hosted by radio personality, Gary Johnston, the show is 21 episodes strong.

In the latest installment, Gary and James discuss the Vitalis story - how the company came to be, and what's on the horizon for the growing company. From a more technical perspective, James discusses how the Vitalis ownership group developed the original plan and how the team continues to innovate, addressing the current and future needs of the ever-expanding extraction industry.

With a focus on safety, compliance, and throughput, the company was able to carve out a specific niche and satisfy the needs of extractors. Applying concepts from the oil & gas industry to the manufacturing of high-quality equipment, James' work raised the bar for the innovative approach to engineering design that is a hallmark of Vitalis products.

The discussion addresses several topics, including the future of the company, the impact of Canadian legalization, and the opportunities for growth in other botanical markets.

A great listen, the full episode can be heard by clicking the button below.

The Cannabis Potcast - Episode 21

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