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At Vitalis, we're focused on becoming the one and only choice for Best-in-Class Industrial Scale CO2 extraction systems.

We back that up with top-level service & support. Hear what our customers have to say.

With more industrial-scale CO2 systems deployed into their market than any other North American competitor, Vitalis is becoming a leader in the industry. Behind that success is the great relationships we've cultivated with our customers and partners, helping them to achieve their business goals with outstanding technology and innovation.

Our customers are the key to our success, providing feedback that we've used to implement new functions on the equipment, as well as championing our products within the marketplace. We're proud of our machines, but even happier to hear how our customers love working with the equipment.

"Vitalis has been a great partner to us"

"Vitalis has been a great partner to us by supplying cutting-edge extraction equipment for us to use in the BAS Research Lab. With Vitalis equipment, we can deliver high-quality extracts on a consistent basis to our clients. The support from the Vitalis team has been instrumental in ensuring BAS has the tools we need to delicately control each extraction, producing reliable data and premium results." - BAS Research

"Everything about the Vitalis system from a production standpoint makes sense."

"Vitalis would absolutely be the system that I recommend. Nothing really has the ability to select for terpenes like the Vitalis system, nothing has the customer service like Vitalis, nothing has the sensical load-weights like the Vitalis system has. Everything about the Vitalis system from a production standpoint makes sense." - Copperstate Farms

"the Vitalis team has the best customer service in the industry hands down"

"The Vitalis Q-90 Super Critical CO2 Extraction machine is a finely crafted piece of extraction machinery. We have been using the equipment for just over a year and have been very happy with the product results. The versatility of the equipment is impressive. Well made hardware aside, the Vitalis team has the best customer service in the industry hands down. The level of commitment and passion the Vitalis crew exemplifies is both inspiring and consistently aligned with our goals as a company. " - OM Extracts

"We immediately had all three of our requirements met and exceeded"

"With over 20+ years in mechanical trades and engineering and my partners 40+ years of mechanical installation and wholesale supply we were seeking a strategic partnership with a manufacturer rather than just to purchase pieces of equipment. After meeting and beginning our working relationship with Vitalis we immediately had all three of our requirements met and exceeded. As experienced Functional Performance Testing technicians we have seen the iterative design process flow seamlessly between our organizations." - Graeme Staley, CEO, Purefarma Solutions

"superior equipment, expert industry knowledge, and unparalleled customer service"

"The combination of Vitalis’s superior equipment, expert industry knowledge, and unparalleled customer service has given CAMO a strategic advantage over the competition. CAMO is looking forward to working with Vitalis on our rapid expansion in 2019. Once our buyers learned we used Vitalis equipment they were willing to enter into long term contracts at very favourable terms." - CAMO Medical

"willing to go above and beyond"

"We had high expectations when we made the investment in the Vitalis Q-90 CO2 extractor. We have not been disappointed. The dual vessel design has enhanced our yields and significantly diminished downtime. The increased flow has given us greater cannabinoid and terpene recoveries in a fraction of the time […] Vitalis has repeatedly shown itself willing to go above and beyond to provide the support needed to effectively run the extractor and optimize our workflows" - KODA Products

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