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The fastest, most powerful industrial-scale extraction systems manufactured in Canada.

Vitalis. Think Bigger. Succeed Sooner.

When it comes to industrial botanical oil extraction systems utilizing subcritical and supercritical CO2, Vitalis is ahead of the curve. By combining outstanding engineered design with experience from the oil & gas industry, the Vitalis difference is epitomized in its best in class flow rate, innovative separation technology, and inspired CO2 recovery solutions. With unparalleled scalability, the Vitalis family of supercritical and subcritical products are sure to exceed the expectations of the industrial extraction industry.


Don’t be content with processing 20lbs of product per day, when you can be doing more in just one run alone. With extraction rates over 500g/hr, and run times at or better than industry-accepted standards, Vitalis CO2 Extraction Equipment helps companies achieve their production goals quicker.

The Vitalis SFE Systems with LiquidTec are designed specifically for high-volume production environments that require multi-phase extraction capabilities. In the simplest form, CO2 flow rate, pressure, and temperature are the three pillars of extraction efficiency and optimization. While pressure and temperature capabilities are fairly consistent across competitive products, and the race for the highest flow rate continues. More flow equals faster extraction rates.


Do more with vitalis

Vitalis CO2 closed-loop extraction systems are designed for versatility and used in a wide range of industries, such as hemp, coffee, botanicals, pharmaceuticals, perfume, hop oil extraction for brewing beer, and wine, among a growing list of others. Whether you’re looking to process hundreds or thousands of pounds of products, the Vitalis suite of systems has the solution you need.

From 45L to 400L systems, there is a machine that is ready to help your business process more product, extract more oil, and succeed sooner than any other standard equipment in the market today.

The archetype of the Vitalis product line.
An entry point into industrial-sized extraction,
Superior flow rate, 45L capacity.

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The flagship Vitalis system.
The leader in industrial oil extraction equipment
90L capacity expandable to 180L.

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The latest technology from Vitalis.
Innovation and sheer size, starting at 200L
expandable up to 400L.

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Vitalis systems exceed industry standards


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