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the Vitalis Guarantee

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Vitalis Extraction stands behind the products we provide to the market.

  • The Equipment will be in good working order and good condition upon delivery.
  • Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc. arrives on-site, after delivery of the equipment, to professionally commission the system and train your staff.
  • Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc. and its affiliated companies worldwide warrant our equipment against defects in material or workmanship.
  • In the unlikely event of a product defect, Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc. will immediately replace the component under our Advanced Unit Replacement Program.



Advanced Unit Replacement Program
The Vitalis Advanced Unit Replacement Program (AURP) is the smarter and faster approach to traditional return-for-repair systems. In the unlikely event of a product defect, you are assured next-business-day delivery of a replacement part. The AURP maximizes your organization’s productivity and ability to achieve greater revenue potential.

The Vitalis team provides a lifetime warranty for every pressure vessel on the system, and a one-year warranty for the remaining components. Damage through accident, misuse, or neglect is not covered; however, if we can, we’ll fix it for a reasonable fee.

The terms and conditions of Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc.’s AURP can be found in the Bill of Sale.

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