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Vitalis Extraction stands behind the quality and performance of every product it puts on the market.

Vitalis Extraction is dedicated to ensuring safe and successful operations for its customers. That means offering the right tools, resources, and expert guidance. To ensure our customers have the support they need when it matters most, every new Vitalis Extraction system comes with a one-year warranty with the option to extend, and enjoy priority service through our Advanced Unit Replacement program. 

Quality | We test our equipment in-house prior to shipment, ensuring that it's in pristine condition upon arrival at the customer's facility. In addition, Vitalis Extraction and its affiliated companies worldwide warrant our equipment against defects in material or workmanship.

Peace of Mind | Becoming familiar with your new Vitalis Extraction system is made easier with the help of our dedicated global Service teams. The Vitalis Service and Technician teams are available around the clock to provide on-site and remote system support, as well as conduct training sessions for operators.

Hassle-Free Service | Vitalis Extraction prioritizes the success of its customers by providing the right level of support for every operation. Our one-year warranty and extended care packages provide expedited part replacement, priority technical service and access to our science teams, which means less downtime.




The Vitalis Advanced Unit Replacement Program (AURP) is the smarter and faster approach to traditional return-for-repair systems. In the unlikely event of a product defect, customers enjoy next-business-day delivery of a replacement part. The AURP maximizes your organization's productivity and ability to achieve greater revenue potential.

Vitalis Extraction Technology provides a lifetime warranty for every pressure vessel on the system and a one-year warranty for the remaining components. Damage through accident, misuse, or neglect is not covered.

The terms and conditions of The Vitalis Extraction Technology AURP can be referenced in the Bill of Sale.

To learn more about our Advanced Unit Replacement program, please contact our team.


The Vitalis Parts & Service Agreement provides extended protection when the standard new equipment warranty expires. With a variety of packages to choose from, teams will have the trusted support they need to avoid costly downtime and maintenance interruptions. Customers can enjoy additional years of extended care coverage for their Vitalis Extraction systems, new and pre-owned.

Tier 1 | Standard Coverage // Standard coverage for parts replacement and support by the Vitalis Service team.

Tier 1 + | Extended Coverage // Extended Tier 1 + access to Vitalis Science team, on-site support by Service Technicians, as well as discounts and coverage on select equipment.

Tier 2 | Comprehensive Coverage // Comprehensive, discounted coverage for parts replacement, sub-trade labor allowance, and support by the Vitalis Service team.

Tier 2 + | Maximum Coverage // Extended Tier 2 + access to the Vitalis Service and Science teams, select equipment discounts, and network benefits.

To learn more about our extended warranty program, please contact our team.



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