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We set out to answer the most important questions from those who are operating extraction systems day in and day out before designing, engineering and manufacturing our premium solutions.

Vitalis was born from a long journey of research, ideation and development to provide CO₂ extraction solutions that would exceed industry standards. After studying equipment on the market, and learning what extractors liked, didn't like, and wished they had instead, our founders engineered the perfect technology.


More power. More possibilities

Our novel technology brings quality, compliance, and unmatched results to extractors worldwide for a range of industries seeking purity in their process and products.

We design and build scalable solutions to suit businesses of every size. With extraction rates and run times above industry-accepted standards, Vitalis CO₂ extraction systems help you achieve purer, safer, and more consistent results.

Boost your extraction operation by pairing your system with the Vitalis Cosolvent Injection System (CIS). The patent-pending Vitalis CIS delivers the purities of CO₂ in the extraction process while leveraging the power of ethanol to significantly reduce runtime and operational costs, and improve winterization.


CO₂ purity & Ethanol Power

The patent-pending Vitalis Cosolvent Injection System (CIS) delivers the purities of CO₂ in the extraction process while leveraging the benefits of ethanol to significantly reduce runtime and operational costs, and improve winterization. With proven performance, seamless integration, and immediate results the new Vitalis CIS is incredible value.

Add the Vitalis CIS to your Vitalis extractor for the unique ability to capture terpenes, operate using either CO₂ as a mono-solvent or cosolvent if desired, and remediate residual ethanol from the spent biomass saving you time and money.

The Vitalis CIS Advantage

  • Decreased extraction time
  • Improved winterization
  • Lower overall operating pressures related to extraction
  • Compliments what CO₂ provides as a repeatable and accurate extraction process
  • System design to satisfy safety regulations
  • Reduction of overall use of ethanol from turning biomass into winterized oil
  • Little operator intervention with automated collection and software logs of solvent use

Cosolvent In Action

Added to an existing Vitalis Q-series and R-series extraction system, the new cosolvent unit is designed to supercharge your cannabis and hemp operations.

Gone are the days of committing to one extraction process. Instead, choose power & possibility.


We believe the industry and our partners need the ability to adapt to the ever changing market.

Ensure your future success with the Vitalis CIS.

Vitalis Fleet of CO₂ Extraction Solutions

F-series // Small Batch

45L Capacity High-flowing sub & supercritical CO₂ Craft-focused

Q-Series // Flagship System

Available in 45L increments High-flowing sub & supercritical CO₂ Fully expandable

R-Series // Massive Volume

Available in 100L increments High-flowing sub & supercritical CO₂ Fully expandable

Z-Series // Bespoke

Fully customizable to meet the needs of your business.

Ancillary + Upgrades

Equipment recommendations Lab Layout assistance Vendor relations


Systems and support that drive efficiencies without compromising quality

Selective Extraction // Tweak your Vitalis system to extract only what you want with supercritical extraction, or supplement your process with a subcritical sequence to retain volatile compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.

Scalable Production // Anyone from startups to leading producers can benefit from the Vitalis ecosystem. Scale up your operations with solutions based around expansion and needs.

Tunable Systems // Our proprietary CO₂ extraction control systems remove all of the guesswork and allow you to pull specific compounds in multiple passes on the same material.

Cost-Effective Operations // Patented TrueCyclonic and LiquidTec technology combine with high-flow, positive displacement pumps to provide improved flow rates, more efficient cold separation, and shorter run-times than our competitors.

Service + Warranty // Every Vitalis owner has access to a dedicated team of service technicians across the globe to deliver 7-day technical support, on-site training and commissioning, advanced parts replacement service, and the option of extended care packages upon warranty expiration.


Vitalis has answered the need of extractors across a number of industries with unmatched solutions anchored in safety, quality, certifications, and service. Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.


Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc. (Vitalis) is a global leader in CO₂ extraction systems for the cannabis, hemp, pharmaceuticals, F&B and botanical industries. The company's core focus on innovation and design has vaulted it to the forefront of the market. Let us know how we can help you achieve your extraction goals.