Liquid CO2 Pumps vs. Gas Pumps

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The business opportunities are seemingly boundless as new markets open up.

Before you can run off and join the extraction gold rush there may be a few questions you need to be answered regarding production.

The truth is, you're going to need the right equipment in order to be successful. Maybe you've heard someone tell you that liquid CO2 pumps outperform gas ones, but you have no idea what that even means. If you're interested in extracting the plant oils (and you should be), you will need a good CO2 pump. If you're new to the game, then maybe you don't even know where to begin or what questions to ask.

Here you'll find information about the pros and cons of each system, so you can make a decision for yourself as you embark on this new and exciting business venture.

What is Supercritical CO2 Extraction?

Wait, let's slow down for a second. Maybe you don't even know what a CO2 pump does?

CO2 is a "tunable solvent." You can control the pressure and temperature of the fluid in order to extract certain compounds from plant material. This makes CO2 a versatile solvent, allowing you to extract whatever it is you want. At the right temperature and pressure, CO2 becomes a supercritical liquid, meaning that it has properties of both a liquid and a gas. As a supercritical liquid, CO2 can dissolve materials within a solid. Because of this, the supercritical liquid CO2 is an ideal solvent that leaves behind no toxic residues in the finished product. This is the same process that has been used in recent decades in order to remove the caffeine from coffee beans in order to make decaffeinated coffee. It eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals, such as butane, in order to obtain the desired extraction.

Vitalis offers a range of CO2 extraction machines that will leave you with the desired products that will draw a crowd of people to your storefront.

Density of CO2

One of the most important factors you'll need to think about is the density of CO2. The density of CO2 varies widely with differences in temperature and pressure. This will cause the CO2 flow to vary and will affect how efficiently you can pump the CO2. When you perform a CO2 extraction, you want to maximize the solvent density without sacrificing quality or quantity of the product. If the density of CO2 is right, the extraction process will be quick and efficient.

When the CO2 is stored in its gas form, the gas is subject to density instability. This means that the density of CO2 gas will fluctuate in the tank. This can make for an unpredictable, fluctuating flow of CO2. A liquid CO2 pump offers the user a much more efficient and consistent flow.

Liquid CO2 Pumps Take the Crown

Not all CO2 pumps are created equal. While gas CO2 pumps are much easier and cheaper to design and manufacture, liquid CO2 pumps outperform these machines. When it comes to design, liquid CO2 pumps are more complicated and expensive to produce. However, the benefits of these systems vault them to the top of the game. With a liquid pumping system, extraction times are shorter, less product is lost, and the quality of the end product is much higher.

Additionally, liquid pumping systems are far less frail and can perform longer and harder. This is good news for your production numbers, your wallet, and the overall quality of your product. This means that you can produce more high-quality product in a shorter period of time. This is good for everybody involved.

By comparison, gas pumps just do not offer the same quality yield that liquid pumps do. Because of the low density of gaseous CO2, it is difficult to move it quickly enough for a quick and efficient extraction. Gas pumps are also subject to damage by terpenes, which harden when they are compressed. Liquid CO2 extraction machines avoid this problem.

With higher pressures inside the liquid machines, terpenes remain liquefied and can easily be separated from the rest of the materials. In short, if you're looking for a CO2 extraction machine that will be worth your investment, a liquid CO2 pump is the obvious choice. Vitalis has become the leading manufacturer of industrial supercritical CO2 extraction machine. We offer a range of machines that will ensure that liquid CO2 extraction is quick and efficient and leaves you with the high-quality extracts you and your clientele expect.

Certifications for Pressure Vessels

As with any business, it's important to have the proper certifications if you want to be successful. Operating these machines come with their share of potential safety hazards. Although CO2 extraction is much safer than other methods of extraction, such as butane, that doesn't mean all CO2 systems are created with safety in mind.

Vitalis systems are designed to meet the standards set forth by ASME and CSA. We want to make sure that your investments are insured. Adhering to industry standards ensures the avoidance of injuries as well as the smooth and efficient operation of your business. When you invest in a Vitalis system, you are investing in the future of your growing business.

Are You Ready to Get in the Game?

Now that you know a little bit about the benefits of using liquid CO2 as an extraction method, we know that you're excited to get started. You can request a quote from us to find out which of our models is best suited to your needs and what it will take to get your business off the ground.

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