The Extraction Insiders is a show featuring entrepreneurs and industry innovators sharing 'aha' moments, pitfalls, and tough lessons they’ve learned along the way, so you don’t have to. The guest list won't disappoint.

Meet the Voices Behind the Mics

Joel Sherlock, Co-founder & CEO Vitalis Extraction Technology
A serial entrepreneur and business leader, Joel is a born connector who has been building great teams and ventures across a variety of industries. Traveling 250 days of the year has afforded him the ability to meet and work with fascinating people from all parts of the world - each bringing a unique perspective and a special story to share.

Jason Laronde, Director of Sales at Vitalis Extraction Technology
Tech enthusiast, sci-fi fanatic, and self-professed super nerd, Jason has turned his passion for all things innovation into a career made of dreams. Following nearly a decade at Apple focusing on market development and a brief stint as a musician, today Jason has applied his knack for understanding the technicalities of intricate systems and passion for people to his role as Director of Vitalis Sales & Business Development.