Vitalis provides scalable solutions to suit businesses of every size. With extraction rates and run times that are better than industry-accepted standards, Vitalis CO₂ and dual solvent extraction systems help you achieve your production goals quicker.

We leave the wild claims to our competitors. Instead, we work in partnership to understand your product goals, discuss the variables at play, and collaborate on making the right extraction system work for your business.

Unique Closed-Loop Design

CO₂ extraction is recognized as the safest, cleanest, and most efficient way to extract botanical oils and waxes. Add that to Vitalis’s unique CO₂ closed-loop extraction system design, which conserves costs by recycling the solvent for multiple runs and produces the highest amount of targeted compounds with the least amount of undesirables, in the shortest period of time. The process leaves no residue, does not change the chemical composition of the oil, and doesn’t degrade the plant matter, delivering broad-spectrum oil that resembles the flavour and aroma profile of the original plant material.

The Vitalis Advantages

  1. Selective // Our CO₂ extractors are highly selective. Tweak your Vitalis system to extract only what you want with supercritical extraction, or supplement your process with a subcritical sequence to retain volatile compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.
  2. Scalable Production // Our systems are built to scale with you. From the entry-level F-Series 45 litre extractor through to the built-to-specification Z-Series, anyone from startups to leading producers can benefit from the Vitalis ecosystem.
  3. Tunable // Our proprietary CO₂ extraction control systems allow you to extract material across a wide range of parameters with pinpoint precision. Vitalis systems remove all of the guesswork and allow you to pull specific compounds in multiple passes on the same material.
  4. Cost-Effective Operations // Each Vitalis system is optimized for performance and efficiency. Patented TrueCyclonic and LiquidTec technology combine with high-flow, positive displacement pumps to provide improved flow rates, more efficient cold separation, and shorter run-times.

Certifications + Compliance

Not only do Vitalis Extraction Systems boast an impressive array of features to help your extraction efforts succeed sooner, staying ahead of the competition and ensuring access to global markets, but they also carry the latest certifications to meet strict regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Rigorous Quality Testing

By conducting every element of our system manufacturing in-house, as opposed to third-party outsourcing, we’re able to monitor our fabrication processes and control quality at every stage. Manufacturing to the highest standards, we have the authority and authorization to manufacture and certify vessels for use in markets around the world. Our unrelenting, end-to-end focus on quality testing, which is subject to rigorous checks and audits, both internally and externally, makes us one of the safest manufacturers in the industry.

Pre- and Post-processing Solutions

In addition to manufacturing extraction solutions, Vitalis sources pre- and post-processing equipment through trusted partners, offers guidance on lab layout and equipment selection, assists in the details of code adherence, and streamlines equipment procurement processes—easing the stress of time, capital, and certainty.

Having provided solutions to global customers in varying industries, we understand the strict regulatory environment, carefully selecting vendor partnerships that align with Vitalis's standard for customer service and quality manufactured equipment.

Global Technical Support + Warranty

Vitalis is a proud Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), fabricating key components of our systems from raw steel in-house, which enables us to deliver on our promise of quality, reliability and safety.

Every new Vitalis Extraction System comes with a one-year warranty with the option to extend. Our one-year warranty and extended care packages provide expedited part replacement, priority technical service and access to our science teams, which means less downtime. In the unlikely event of a product defect, our Advanced Unit Replacement Program (AURP)—the smarter and faster approach to traditional return-for-repair systems—ensures customers enjoy next-business-day delivery of genuine replacement parts to ensure productivity is maintained and downtime is minimized.