Expectations have never been higher. As new cannabis customers flood the market, they are looking for products with higher purities and greater quality than ever before. But how is the market responding to meet that demand? One previously obscure method for extraction into CO2 oil is and supercritical fluid extraction. This process takes advantage of the methods that allow the creation of oils with higher concentrations of terpenes. It starts by bringing the CO2 gas past its supercritical point. This temperature is optimal because it allows the delicate terpenes and cannabinoids to stay active. Once this process is complete, the oil is then distilled to be even more concentrated.

Read on to learn how this complex process is used to create the most high-quality product possible.

CO2 and Better Quality Oil

Let's take an in-depth look at each step of the oil extraction process. First comes starting with the highest quality hemp you can source and using clean growing processes to ensure it stays pure.

  1. Step One: Proper Sourcing and Clean Growing PracticesIf you want the highest quality oil possible, you have to start with the best crop. Choose a strain that has a large concentration of cannabinoids, minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids. Then, once you plant your seed, make sure you use the right products to fertilize it and keep your product at its best.
  2. Step Two: Supercritical CO2 ExtractionOnce your plants have been harvested, it's time to put them through the supercritical extraction process. When this process is used, your products are guaranteed to be free of any harmful chemicals. Some companies try to use other solvents to extract their oil such as hexane, butane, or acetone. These chemicals are inferior because they leave toxic residues behind that could be harmful to your customers.
  3. Step Three: Continued Testing and Reformulation If you want to be sure that you are producing the highest-quality product possible then you will need to also invest in equipment to test your oil and reformulate it to perfection. You should be testing your future oil at multiple steps along the process including while it is growing, after it's harvested, and before and after it's extracted.

Methods for CBD Consumption

Once you have created the best oil, your customers will want to have multiple options with how to consume the product.

Customers will make their decision based upon:

  • Their Budget
  • Their Lifestyle
  • Taste Preferences

Then they can choose between the following popular consumption methods:

  • Capsules
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures and Liquids
  • Isolate
  • Body Care Products

An In-Depth Look at CBD Oil Creation

When a chemical is in its supercritical state, it can behave both like a liquid and a gas. This means that it can diffuse through solids like a gas, allowing it to dissolve many compounds and still be collected. Since this fluid also has almost no surface tension, it can penetrate the cuticle of the cannabis trichomes and dissolve them in the oil. When different pressures are used, extractions can be made of different potencies. By playing with this pressure, the product could have completely separated terpenes and cannabinoids or any combination of the two.

The Distillation Process

Once the CO2 extraction is complete, the process of distillation can begin. This is when the components of the product liquid are brought to their boiling point so that they can be separated. Then the vapour from boiling is recondensed and collected. It's put in another container and the byproducts like chlorophyll are left behind in the original container used for the extraction process. The result of the distillation process is a very pure cannabis oil that is transparent, light yellow in colour and has a very high potency. This distillation process is similar to the one in the alcohol industry where methanol and ethanol, toxic byproducts of the fermentation process, are removed. In today's medical marijuana market, the term cannabis distillate is a very broad term that describes highly concentrated levels of cannabinoids. This could include any oil that is highly purified.

What is the Difference Between Distillate and Extract?

When you compare cannabis distillate to the base oil product, you will find that the distillate has a much cleaner and smoother flavour. Your end-user will experience very potent effects from the time and effort you've taken to purify your product. This allows you to charge a higher price for your products.

Are There Any Benefits to Not Distilling?

While many people prefer the quality of distillates, there are still benefits to leaving your oil in its original state. The lower price point of the oil is appealing to many customers who are using CBD products regularly. In addition, oil that hasn't been purified has a wider range of cannabinoids and maintains more of the natural flavour of the cannabis.

Where to Buy Extraction Equipment

Now that you have an understanding of the value that purchasing extraction equipment for creating your cannabis business, you may be thinking of shopping around. Check out our extraction solutions here. Once you have made the commitment to making the highest-quality CO2 oil, the possibilities are limitless.