The cannabis space continues to grow into a major global opportunity, with legalization, advancements in technology, and increasing consumer demand causing an influx of new players entering the industry every day. Just as the industry has matured, so have consumers' expectations around quality, which is directly tied to the extraction equipment.

From the very beginning, Vitalis designed its industry-leading extraction systems based on first-hand research. Our CTO purchased every competitor’s machine to dissect and understand what was missing and what needed improvements. What he learned was that quality, safety, and performance all go hand in hand.

We are a proud Original Equipment Manufacturer that has raised the bar for safety, service, and performance. Performing fabrication, manufacturing, and quality testing in-house means we can confidently stand behind our commitment to helping every customer achieve their goals with better results centred around quality. Vitalis systems are GMP-compliant and carry the latest certifications, including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), National Board (NB), Canadian Standard Association (CSA/CRN), and European Conformity (CE/PED).

“We have found Vitalis to be an excellent company to work with. Not only is their extraction equipment top-notch, their service and response times are the best. Our expectations are always met and regularly exceeded.” Barry Atkins, President


Eagle Hemp is a leading US-based hemp producer focused on delivering the highest quality and purity on the market. With the hemp market flooded with suspect formulations and products that lack consistency, Eagle Hemp set out to raise the bar for quality, retailing ultra-pure, full spectrum cannabinoid oil bound for wellness and pet care markets. In their quest for perfection, Eagle Hemp went so far as to analyze the oil of their competitors on a microscopic level finding low-grade and often tainted results containing fibres, plant material, and even traces of metal that did not reflect what was being sold on the packaging. They came to Vitalis looking to create a product so pure, it would blow their competition out of the water.

Given a large part of what we do cannot be explained over the phone or on paper, we invited Eagle Hemp to our North America headquarters in Kelowna, BC to meet the team who was in charge of delivering their systems and to walk them through the entire process of what makes a Vitalis extractor different - from fabrication and welding to quality control checks and assembly. For final reassurance, Eagle Hemp stress-tested the processing power of our equipment themselves, looking for purity on a microscopic level. The result? Nothing but 100% pure, clean oil.


“Our goal at Eagle Hemp is absolutely pure full spectrum cannabinoid oil that equals or exceeds any distilled product on the market. We take extra care to ensure that purity and quality starts at the beginning of the extraction process. Our Vitalis R-200’s gives us the control and reliability we need to always meet our objectives. Everything that we do after the extraction process builds on the quality of the extract.” Barry Atkins, President

Using CO2 extraction exclusively, Eagle Hemp has developed a proprietary, closed-loop process, meaning once the extract is separated from the plant, it is not exposed until the consumer uses the product. Eagle Hemp recently announced the launch of their newest FDA-registered facility located in Lakeland, Florida to continue their mission to create an ultra-pure full spectrum cannabinoid oil available globally. Also set to launch retail products and for white label customers and bulk products in the coming year, Eagle Hemp guarantees potency which is backed-up by full-panel analysis, and a certificate of analysis (CoA) performed by DEA registered Americanna Laboratories.

Interested to test the difference in the quality of CO2 Extraction? Reach out to our team. A full list of Vitalis’s certifications and accreditations can be found here.