Clean, efficient, and versatile; the extraction possibilities provided by carbon dioxide are endless. As the extraction industry continues to develop, the regulation surrounding the installation of pressure equipment will become stricter, and the allowance for non-compliance will cease to exist. Ensuring your CO2 extraction equipment carries the appropriate certifications will be integral to your continued success. As the industry leader, every Vitalis CO2 extraction system is GMP-certified meaning we are one of only a few manufacturers capable of servicing the global food industry.

Partnering with Vitalis to ensure quality output, our team understands that separating delicate compounds in complex plants efficiently and with efficacy has never been more important, as consumers look increasingly closer at the origins of the products they consume.

Turning the concept of food additives on its head, several forward-thinking food brands are now looking to inject natural flavors into their products, while others are creating oils from the raw materials. Some of the most interesting ventures to approach us are the ones focused on a waste-free business model. By grinding the raw product - extracting it - and turning the extracts and ground remnants into two different products, Vitalis is helping drive product innovation and profit maximization across the global food market.

Vitalis serves a growing list of customers in the Food, Beverage, Cannabis, Botanical, Garment and Pharmaceutical industries. Figure here on how many ‘non-cannabis’ biomasses we’ve run trials on.


One of our US-based food partners owns and operates a nut farm and has been successful to date at selling raw products to global supermarkets. Looking for the most efficient use of his product, he saw an opportunity to process and sell premium baking oil, while turning the spent nuts into baking flour. Exploring this new line of products, he estimated his business would triple in revenue year-on-year in five years time. Known for his quality products, he was keen for the new product range to provide the same assurance, a key decision making factor in looking for an extraction partner.


Our systems are never released to market until we’ve tested them rigorously, accounting for the different operating parameters required by each biomass. Only once the system consistently performs to our standards and expectations without fault do we make it available to the market. The client set a goal with our science team as to what an optimal output would look like and issued a research and development proposal plan for collaboration. In order to conduct a thorough test, we imported his nuts and ran trial extraction over an extended period to perfect the operating parameters. The resulting oil quality was extremely high, not cloudy and had a very high degree of clarity, with a golden amber colour. The extraction exceeded current industry best practices based on the OSU/ATEP extraction process.


One of our partners recognized an opportunity to utilize coffee waste for further extraction. They were looking to produce oil from the beans and turn the waste into a range of non-consumable, environmentally-conscious products such as cell phone cases, packaging, wall materials and more. Looking for a partner that would help perfect his formula rather than just sell him a machine, he contacted Vitalis as their North American partner who would bring a like-minded approach around innovation and standards for his new line of food and non-consumable products.


Vitalis performed a series of extraction runs testing various parameters to find the optimal output. Refining our approach throughout, we hit all of the targets set forth by our scientists and the research the client brought to us for reference. Rather than discarding the coffee waste, he has now introduced two new revenue streams for his business that maximize his available profits and establish him an eco-conscious, zero waste producer.

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