Just because you can’t find what you’re looking for with standard market products doesn’t mean your vision for something bespoke can’t be brought to life. Some of Vitalis’s greatest innovations are born at the request of our customers.

As industries have matured, today’s extractors are seeking more tailored solutions for their operational needs. From craning in extraction systems through a hole in the roof, and engineering novel post-processing efficiencies, to customizing components and system designs, Vitalis has done it all.

“Vitalis was very accommodating working with us to tailor the equipment to fit in a space with height restrictions, custom building a setup to maximize extraction efficiency while maintaining our spatial requirements.”


Redecan is a leading Canadian producer of Cannabis and Cannabis Products. Redecan remains one of the very few private, 100% Canadian-owned and operated companies in the Cannabis industry and maintains its family-oriented mindset towards staff, all of its patients and customers across the country.

Redecan has made a point of seeking out Canadian companies to meet all their equipment needs wherever possible. When they came to Vitalis for support in the expansion of their cannabis operations in Canada they not only wanted to meet the mastermind behind the CO2 extraction systems, CTO and Co-founder, James Seabrook, but ask him if he would be willing to go back to the drawing board and provide a bespoke solution.

To complement Redecan’s fleet of four Q-90s, Vitalis’s engineering team developed and tested a custom angled design on two additional R-200s featuring four rocket-launchers to fit the operator’s unique facility layout. Having the engineering flexibility and expertise in-house as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), meant a quick turn-around from concept to install, and ensured the system delivered on Redecan’s needs.

Today, the angled vessels, like many of Vitalis’s innovations spurred by customer requests, are part of our fleet of extraction solutions.


Redecan’s patient-focused approach has seen them expand their range of premium products and production facilities in recent years. In 2018, The Ontario Cannabis Store, a leading online retailer for recreational cannabis, entered into a supply agreement with Redecan to ensure the safe and high-quality supply of cannabis to its customers. Producing 100% Canadian plants, grown in natural greenhouse conditions, Redecan continues to successfully marry its years of agriculture experience with state-of-the-art extraction to create a pinnacle cannabis family of products. Since their initial commission, the company’s success has led them to purchase additional extractors as they continue to expand their Vitalis-powered operations.