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Vitalis manufactures the most dominant, industrial-scale, sub & supercritical CO2 extraction system, engineered to give processors and manufacturers the greatest opportunity for success.

The Application of Industrial Concepts

As part of the corporate DNA, Vitalis has adopted and applied key industrial concepts from other fields. Hiring from the Oil & Gas sector, Vitalis has implemented the key business drivers from that industry into botanical extraction. These concepts ensure that Vitalis extraction systems provide extractors with the most opportunities for continual production while minimizing potential risks to safety and your investment.


Based on the remote locations of oil extraction facilities, reliability is integral to profitability and performance as service opportunities are limited or non-existent. Prior to Vitalis' entry to the market, pump reliability was a concern for extractors. The patented dual-piston, high-flow pump has redefined the expectations for unprecedented reliability.


The legal exposure and visibility of very public oil & gas organizations make the adherence to rigid certification processes and the use of certified equipment mandatory. That's why all Vitalis pressure vessels are ASME and CSA/CRN certified. At Vitalis, we build in confidence, reduce risk, and protect our customers and their investment.

Continuous Operation

Due to the value of the product, the constant 24/7 operation of oil & gas machinery (as opposed to start-stop) has a multi-billion dollar impact on revenue, markets, and supply. Vitalis systems incorporate workflow efficiencies directly into the system, allowing for 24/7 operation as would be expected in the oil & gas field.

Vitalis CO2 Extraction Systems set your business up for long-term success, manageable growth, and ongoing profits.

An investment in quality and performance.


In a Vitalis closed-loop system, the CO2 is recirculated, and minimal CO2 is lost each run. Significantly less solvent is wasted over the lifetime of your operation.

Vitalis Extraction systems are equipped to operate at both subcritical and supercritical parameters, which provides an extensive range of extracting conditions. Operators may approach multiple botanicals without the need for new equipment.

Optimized separation technology allows the operator to capture a full-spectrum extract, containing valuable flavonoids and terpenes as well as cannabinoids. Or, separate oil into fractions containing separate components.


Vitalis Extraction designs a range of industrial extraction systems to meet the need of every processor. Each series is created to target a particular range of processing capacity.

For the growing operation, these systems are designed to easily scale up in volume without significantly increasing the operating footprint:

  • Expand your Q-90 to a Q-180 and process more than 125lbs of additional botanicals every 24 hours.
  • Transform your 200L R-Series to a 400L R-Series.


In areas where light hydrocarbon and volatile extraction systems are allowed, they require additional start-up costs such as;

  • Class I Div. 1 Explosion-proof facilities
  • Fire suppression
  • Floor ventilation
  • Specially trained staff

When working with explosive, light hydrocarbon or volatile systems, additional insurance requirements and individual municipality permits are necessary.

Vitalis systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME and CSA Standards for Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Code. The vessels are stamped with a CRN and NB registration number confirming that the vessels meet code and have been examined by an Authorized Inspector.



Minimal time is wasted reaching operating temperatures and pressures. To switch from subcritical to supercritical phase on a Vitalis machine takes less than 5 minutes.

Vitalis systems are equipped with 3/4" process lines; larger than on any other available system. This minimizes clogging, decreasing the chance of having to pause operations to perform maintenance.

Other features that are designed to remove sources of unnecessary delay include; custom quick closure clamps, easy-to-replace seals and filters, and dual lines of separation.

The unparalleled Vitalis flow rate combined with the capability for steady state 24-hour operation creates the potential for extract production in quantities never before seen.


Your investment means more than just working with the leader in industrial scale CO2 extraction.


Your purchase includes the following components:

  • Vitalis Supercritical CO2 Extraction System
  • Custom-designed 120% duty cycle pump
  • Separated refrigeration unit
  • Up to 4 days of commissioning by a member of the Vitalis team for installation and operational instruction. We will work with your team on choosing specific operating parameters and perform product runs to ensure ease of operation and delivery of results.
  • First-year 24/7* phone support while your team perfects operation
  • 1-year Warranty
  • 1-year Consumables Kit
  • 1-year Vitalis Advanced Unit Replacement Program

Invest in one system to meet all your extraction needs.

Vitalis Extraction Technology has designed a wide variety of products to evolve your business.