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The Okanagan Offers FOMO

What is it like living and working in the Okanagan, the home of Vitalis Extraction Technology? Our own Director of Marketing, Shana Korotash, recently published a blog on that exact question, now available online at Invest Kelowna.

Raised in rural BC, and having career experience in both Toronto and Vancouver, Shana's thoughts on Okanagan living are insightful and speak to the amazing opportunities to be found.

From the article:

"The Okanagan offers the perfect balance of work/life integration. Before or after work you can squeeze in a quick paddleboard; no matter where you reside you’re no more than 20 minutes from a lake, with boating, wake surfing and several docks downtown to cruise up to and enjoy some of the best restaurants per capita in the country."

To read further, follow this link to Invest Kelowna.

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