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full spectrum extraction

Sub- and supercritical capabilities featured in a single machine.

The Vitalis Q Series delivers the capability to extract across a wide range of parameters, providing the best options for producing your desired extract.

The pressure and temperature parameters of both extraction and separation will greatly influence the composition of your final oil product. The solubility and mass transfer properties of the target material within the solvent CO2 determine the operating conditions for that extraction.

Subcritical and supercritical extractions may be performed in sequence to obtain a full-spectrum extract, retaining both

To perform an extraction with subcritical CO2 is of huge advantage to retain volatile yet valuable compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids. If followed in sequence by a supercritical extraction, the CO2 will fully scrub the matrix of extractants and obtain a full-spectrum extract.

How do we integrate phase control?

Vitalis' phase management system ensures your solvent is at the exact temperature you want it to be before entering the extraction vessel. By ensuring uniform temperature and pressure throughout the chamber you achieve accurate extraction results.

There is no time wasted reaching extraction conditions, either; Vitalis systems can reach supercritical phase within 5 minutes (much faster than our competitors), ultimately increasing your time spent extracting. To maintain extraction conditions for extended time requires minimal user input.


The Vitalis system features a phase management system in series to ensure extraction conditions within the extraction chamber.

Each extraction chamber has a 45L or 100L capacity and control over flow, temperature, and pressure.

We feature 3/4" process lines - wider than any available system - to minimize clogging for better exit flow.




Each Vitalis extraction chamber is equipped with a solvent feed diffuser to maximize spread and minimize solvent channeling while entering the vessel.

Dual extraction chambers gives you the capability to perform both static and dynamic extractions at the same time, making for faster run times. The operator can process on average 25 lbs of botanicals on one side whilst either soaking the same quantity of botanical, or performing maintenance on the other side; resulting in lowest in-class turnover time.


Safety Decompression Bracket
The safety decompression bracket ensures the extraction chamber has been properly vented before opening to avoid risk of explosion.


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designed specifically for liquid CO2, our proprietary High Flow pump system allows us to maintain our high flow rate