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Best in Class. GMP Compliant. Globally Supported.

Vitalis combines innovation, design and engineering to create a liquid CO2 extraction system that stands out in the industry.

Vitalis CO2 closed-loop extraction systems are designed for versatility and used in a wide range of industries, such as hemp, cannabis, coffee, botanicals, pharmaceuticals, perfume, hop oil extraction for brewing beer, and wine, among a growing list of others.

Vitalis Extraction systems boast an impressive array of features to help your extraction efforts succeed sooner, staying ahead of the competition.

Full Spectrum

The Vitalis Series of systems deliver the capability to extract across a wide range of parameters.

High-Flow Pump

The Vitalis proprietary positive-displacement pump is engineered for maximum duty cycle and flow rates.

Cold Separation

Our patented TrueCyclonic technology effectively allows for the most efficient cold separation process.

CO2 Recovery

Our proprietary LiquidTecâ„¢ system is what makes Vitalis Extraction Technology stand apart from the rest.

Phase Control

The Vitalis control system simplifies the daily operation of your system, and features live data collection.

Fully Certified

With a Vitalis extraction system you will be prepared to meet current and future regulations to future-proof your earnings.

Need to be GMP Compliant?

Vitalis provides GMP compliant equipment to ensure your access to global markets.