Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and the Pillars of Extraction
January 2, 2018

As the botanical oil extraction industry grows, so too will the debate over different extraction methods, solvents and technology. With so many options available, it’s wise to gain an understanding of the processes involved so that it becomes easier to make an informed decision.

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Pressure Equipment Requirements in Canada for Extraction
September 6, 2017

Concentrates (or extracts) are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for alternatives to traditional flower. To date, the most common methods of producing concentrates have involved the use of organic solvents (i.e. alcohols or hydrocarbons). When used correctly, organic solvent extractions can produce a quality product. However, organic solvents are flammable and many of them are toxic, even at low concentrations. Furthermore, the use of many of these solvents for extracts is banned in Canada (i.e. BHO).

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