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We are a team that is fearless in going against the grain. We are the ones that have pioneered new industries, and novel technologies by taking the lead without a blueprint to follow.

Our collective talent is built on diverse experiences, skills, mindsets, and knowledge, all with one goal, to build a business focused on the future.

We encourage a mindset of 'uncommon sense' at Vitalis. Whether on the manufacturing floor or behind a desk, we hire people that are smarter than those in the conference room. Having a voice in this company without being afraid to use it is the most important requirement.

Joel sherlock

Chairman & Co-founder


We like our colleagues and find as many opportunities as we can to enjoy experiences together outside of the office. Some of our organized events include regularly scheduled happy hour drinks, outdoor activities like skiing and tubing at the local hills, and competing for the best-dressed costume for any occasion.

We strive to be a marvelous place to work, which starts with ensuring our employees are part of the conversation and connected no matter where they are located across the globe. In addition to getting feedback on the happiness of our employees with regularly scheduled surveys, we host weekly stand-up meetings for the entire company and collectively strategize on the annual corporate goals together.

We offer paid sick days and employee assistance programs, and health and safety training of staff.

As part of our comprehensive health and life insurance packages, employees have access to vision, dental and paramedical coverage.