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CO2 Recovery

Our proprietary LiquidTecâ„¢ system is what makes Vitalis Extraction Technology stand apart from the rest.

Comprised of the pump, accumulator and condenser, our unique approach is what allows the Vitalis system to maintain the industrial flow rate that our competitors just cannot beat.

Great Flexibility and High Efficiency

A high-pressure, high-efficiency plated heat exchanger working in tandem with refrigeration technology converts CO2 gas back to a liquid at industrial speeds for storage.

The use of refrigerant in Vitalis condensers allows the system to operate at a lower temperature and pressure, equating to higher mass flow rates and therefore shorter runtimes.

The general approach to closed-loop carbon dioxide extraction is to store CO2 as a gas, and then compress CO2 gas back to a liquid to pump it around the system. Compressors are not efficient at moving mass.

Vitalis Extraction systems condense CO2 to a liquid and then pump it to maintain our high flow rate. The Vitalis team has engineered a highly efficient condensing system which supercools the CO2 as it exits the separation vessels, converting CO2 gas into a liquid.

As a part of the Vitalis LiquidTec system, storage of liquid CO2 in the accumulators enables mass injection of the solvent into the extraction process via the Vitalis proprietary pump.

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The Vitalis Control system features live data collection and self-regulating capability for steady-state operation.