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As further legalizations and regulations are imposed, your operations will fall under scrutiny.

With a Vitalis extraction system you will be prepared to meet current and future regulations to future-proof your earnings.

In Canada, every province and territory has regulations to govern the manufacturing, install, and operation of pressure vessels and piping. Your equipment must be registered in every province you plan to use it in, and have the correct coordinating permits.

For Canadian buyers, our pressure vessels and fittings are ASME certified with CRN registration, and electronics and electrical equipment are CSA compliant.

United States
For buyers operating in the US, our pressure vessels and fittings are ASME certified and are National Board registered. All electronics and machinery are UL compliant.

Sanitary Practice
Vitalis systems follow industry best practices for sanitary design with respect to the food and flavouring industry.

The entirety of the Vitalis Extraction system is fabricated with stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. The interior of the extraction vessels, which are subject to more aggressive corrosion, are electroplated with nickel which was proven to outperform the durability stainless steel in a 1000-hour salt spray test.

The system features no internal welds and is fabricated with a smoothness of 16RMS to prevent possibility of clogging.

The power unit is installed on a separate skid from the extraction unit so that it may be kept in a separate location.


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