Vitalis Hits 100


A retrospective from a single point of view as employee #25

It occurred to me yesterday, as I was gathered with one hundred of my colleagues, that I have a specific claim to fame at Vitalis. I am one of a handful of employees – among a group that now numbers 105 – to have occupied office space at every one of Vitalis’ four locations. At least up until this point.

That distinction is about to end, as our continually growing company is set to open its fifth location housing engineering, manufacturing, and fabrication in a brand-new space that we unveiled earlier this week.

With some departments moving to our new location and others remaining where they are, it’s fun to reflect on the growth of this company as we reach a significant milestone.

When I started just about two years ago, I was employee 25 (coincidentally my hockey number as well - I guess it was meant to be), and there were five departments: engineering, sales, service, manufacturing and the aptly named “office” team, where the seeds for accounting, human resources, administration, and marketing first took root.

In those early days, email addresses only consisted of first names – a practice that ended quickly in the spring of 2018. It was pretty easy to know everybody, as there were so few of us to know. Generally, people wore many hats outside of their specific designations, and collaboration with other departments was a daily habit.

At that point in time, the company was set to open location #2, where sales & marketing would cohabitate and collaborate. Accounting would become a distinct and well-formed department there as well, and six of us opened doors that would soon welcome a number of new faces to the team.

The extraordinary growth of the company was apparent even then. We outgrew that space quickly, the time measured in months. Teams at all locations grew fast enough to warrant new accommodations in downtown Kelowna.

At this third location, accounting and marketing met up with assembly, implementation, logistics, and HR – all now fully formed departments growing at an astounding rate. So fast, in fact, that marketing’s time at Gaston was cut short to rejoin the (now larger) sales team at yet another new location to kick off 2019.

As we grew, my office travels let me connect with almost everybody. From the first days working with service techs (who all knew my name before I knew theirs) to hanging with the “cool kids” from assembly (they were always gracious about welcoming me to their table at lunch) to enjoying Friday afternoons with the accounting team, always willing to share their time.

This past Tuesday afternoon, gathering with the rest of the team, celebrating our mutual milestone of hitting 100 employees in just over three years, and enjoying the camaraderie of all the people I’ve met (and meeting a bunch more I hadn’t previously had the pleasure), I was amazed at how we had managed to hold onto a culture and mindset that encompasses the word “family”.

Family was one of the first things that struck me when I started at Vitalis, and this team has lived and breathed it despite the growth.

It’s a lot of coordination to get us all together, much like planning a family reunion. Stories were shared, teams both reminisced and planned for the future, and all were able to enjoy being together. Card games and hockey tournaments broke out, there was food and drink, and we collectively celebrated, gave thanks, and just hung out as a team, as multiple teams, as a work family.

It is truly astounding how fast this group has grown, yet managed to stay close; it’s amazing how so many people in different fields can share the same goal and work so hard to continue leading the industry; and it’s rewarding to open yet another home where we will continue to learn, grow, and celebrate future successes.

I don’t know if I speak for each individual - with over 100 people, that would be a bold statement - but as a whole, I feel I can speak for all of us collectively when I give a lot of thanks. To our owners for bringing us together, to our customers for supporting and relying on us, and to each other for doing the work to make this possible.

We are all a part of the #VitalisFamily, and with our continuing growth and innovation, that’s an exciting thing to be a part of.

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Vitalis Writer Publishes Third Article in 3 Part Series


Vitalis writer Krista Kulczycki has just concluded her three-part series on the topic of yields.

The article, published Aug 22 on Cannabis Science & Technology, wraps up the set with a discussion on processing parameters, and how operating conditions, including extraction runtime and processing parameters, have a major influence on the yield obtained from an extraction. Access Part 3: Return Versus Effort and Associated Processing Parameters here.

Throughout the series, key concepts in extraction are examined. From pre-processing through to profitability, Krista goes into detail on the variables that can impact yields, providing a clear explanation on an industry topic that is often misunderstood.

To view the entire series, check out Part 1 and Part 2 on Cannabis Science & Technology, and look for more from Krista in the near future.

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Why Concentrates are the Future of Consumption

Medicinal cannabis with extract oil in a bottle

According to the Cannabis Business Times, sales of marijuana concentrates are expected to hit 8 billion dollars by 2022.

This emerging market is expected to outpace both the market for flower and edibles as it continues to grow. Mostly it’s due to the ease of use, the opportunity for discretion. Potency and portability of concentrates also bring in new users.

Marijuana concentrates offer a beginner-friendly and brand-identifiable opportunity for new customers to enter the market with confidence. Read on to learn more about the bright future of cannabis concentrates. And, find out why your company should be investing in equipment for extracts.

The Opportunity for Boutique Sales

If your business isn’t focusing on branding, then you are never going to get a decent portion of the marijuana market share. With so many stores now stocking name brands of cartridges, oils, flower, and concentrates, customers have an expectation of quality that they associate with their favorite brands.

The cannabis culture has always been one of loyalty. Customers often having the same dealer for their entire life. Now that marijuana is available in stores, that same loyalty doesn’t have to disappear.

If you can offer your customers consistent and creative compounds, then they will be more likely to continue to purchase your products. They also would be more likely to check out your entire line.

Putting your concentrates into cartridges offers a tremendous opportunity for branding and marketing. Make sure your packaging is appealing and your product is as pure as possible.

The Customer Base is Growing More Educated

With more states completely legalizing marijuana, customers are able to try all different kinds of edibles, concentrates, and flower. In the same way, as some people love to consume fine wine, they are beginning to notice different notes in their cannabis. Buyers are beginning to search for products that meet their need for high-quality flavor.

While concentrates used to be rare on the market, they have now become a regular part of the cannabis culture. More people are willing to try them than ever before. They realize that concentrates won’t impact their lungs at all. They are learning that it is a relatively healthy way to deal with a lot of health problems.

Nuances and Flavor

Weed concentrates are able to hold flavor much better than flower since they don’t have to be burned in order for the taste to be released. When you vaporize a concentrate, you release the flavor molecules straight into your mouth. They aren’t burned and then travel into your body through the smoke.

Since the flavors are more nuanced, concentrates also give you the opportunity to work on creating unique and exciting flavors to share with your customers. Where inventing a new strain of bud can take generations of a plant, mixing up a different concentrate is more like trying a different recipe for baking.

By creating a bunch of unique flavors, you can gain a following of loyal customers who keep an eye out for your next release.

Convenient Consumption

Many people have started to use marijuana products as part of their daily routine. They help with a whole host of conditions. But unfortunately, using marijuana in public spaces and indoor locations is typically frowned upon. This leaves marijuana users feeling like second class citizens.

But with marijuana concentrates, they can take back their dignity and their seat at the table. Concentrates can be consumed with little to no vapor if you use the right setting. And concentrates also don’t smell as strong and their scent doesn’t typically stick to clothing. Because of that fact, people are able to use them without other people knowing it.

If someone is at the bar and they want to use concentrates in the bathroom, they can readily step into a stall instead of having to head out to the curb with the tobacco users.

This kind of convenience will bring a lot of new users to concentrates in the coming years because they are so much more accepted by society. New laws will eventually be passed dictating the use of vaporizers in public. But for now, they offer the opportunity for concentrates to have the advantage of discretion.

Where to Buy Equipment for Extraction

Marijuana concentrates are truly taking over the market. If your business doesn’t pay attention to this important stream of income, you could be losing a lot of potential sales.

Don’t get left behind. Check out our great extraction technology and start perfecting your own unique brand of concentrate today.

How Does CO2 Extraction Actually Work?

cannabis for treatment (decoction, tincture, extract oil).

Cannabis and cannabis-derivatives are increasingly popular for medical and nutritional supplement use.

People rightly perceive them to be part of the natural pharmacopeia. As a healing herb, all-natural cannabis is suggested for various ailments.

Extracting the best parts of healing herbs into concentrated oils and extracts for use is a delicate process. There are several ways to concentrate and refine plant oils for use. Some methods are more or less efficient than others.

Common methods include simple decoctions and infusions, organic solvents, pressurization and more. For people seeking the purest, most concentrated oils, a natural method like CO2 extraction (Carbon Dioxide) makes sense.

There is little to no chemical residue to speak of and essential phytonutrients are preserved.

Read on to learn more.

Extraction Methods Primer

Common methods like decoction (boiling to concentrate) and infusion (soaking to extract the compounds, like tea) destroy vital nutrients or leave behind certain compounds. Extractions, separations and other operations are more advanced chemical processes.

The words “organic solvents” do not refer to a condition, such as “organically grown”, but refer to a set of chemical compounds. Solvents such as butane, propane, and ethanol are organic. Herbs are placed in the solution, then the fluid is drawn out in a vacuum.

The result is a concentrated product. The solvent is then recycled for use. A small amount remains in the product. Not many people want to put lighter fluid, heater fuel or gasoline additive into their bodies, no matter how minuscule the amount.

Conventional organic solvents are often regulated as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They can pose a number of environmental concerns, handling, and disposal issues. You may be familiar with the many lingering effects of common dry-cleaning fluid, for example.

CO2 Is a Green Extraction Method

Supercritical carbon dioxide is an attractive alternative to traditional organic solvents. Advantages include:

  • Inert
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Low-cost
  • Works at near-ambient temps

CO2 leaves little residue in products compared to conventional solvents. It is easily available in large quantities of purified gas. Compared to using hydrocarbons, it is safe for the environment, easy to work with and creates a superior product.

Most importantly, CO2 is a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) solvent. GRAS is the FDA standard designation that a chemical or substance added to food is considered safe by experts. It means that it is exempt from the usual Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) food additive requirements.

How Does the Extraction Process Work?

In traditional steam distillation, heated water vapor is pushed through the herbal matter and the volatiles are carried through the steam. They are then allowed to condense and cool. Unfortunately, heat tends to damage many active ingredients and removing the water vapor further weakens the lifespan of the concentrate.

Hydrocarbon solvents work in virtually the same way. Butane is used to dissolve and suspend the wanted absolutes, then the butane is extracted, leaving behind the wanted compounds. Unfortunately, some residue remains and the process can be dangerous.

Other methods for extracting natural oils include cold pressing (for olives, nuts, and other oily fruits) and cold water extraction (for fruits.) Neither of these is suitable for cannabis.

The CO2 Extraction Process

There are two steps:

  • First, the ground solids are fed into the extractor and the heated, pressurized, supercritical CO2 in is agitated with the material to extract the desired compounds. At this point the solvent neither a liquid nor a gas. It acts as a liquid at this point.
  • Second, the CO2 is separated and removed. Usually, this is done by reducing temperature and pressure. CO2 is easily purged as a gas. An external agent may be used to absorb or adsorb CO2 so that no pressure change is required.

However, use of an external agent requires an additional step to remove the external agent. In industrial uses, this is the process associated with better quality decaffeinated coffee.

Why CO2 Extraction?

The use of carbon dioxide under pressure can replace steam distillation and hydrocarbon solvents. Supercritical CO2 extraction uses CO2 pressurized to 1100 psi and just above 89 F. Under these conditions, it has both the properties of a liquid and a gas.

Through precise control of time, temperature, pressure and flow rates, it is possible to determine exactly which components of a complex natural material are extracted. An advantage to using a CO2 extractor is that thermal degradation of the compounds is not a concern. Additionally, CO2 is nontoxic if there is a residue present.

Product yields are greater and product residues less with supercritical CO2 extraction. Thermal decomposition of materials almost never occurs due to the relatively mild processing temperatures, and very precise control of inputs allows for specific compound extraction.

Extraction Equipment

Fine tuning the extraction process for specific compounds is possible. However, it is unlikely that a homemade rig will meet rigorous safety and quality standards. A safety certification is absolutely necessary for the pressure vessel, fittings, piping and valves used for a supercritical CO2 extractor.

Additionally, given the versatility of this method, complete phase control for separating compounds is a desired feature. Unlike steam distillation, which is somewhat like a wrecking ball, CO2 extraction works more delicately, like sculptor’s chisel.

First-class equipment allows minor adjustments, whether your system is concentrating essential oils from a metric ton of flowers or a mere handful.

The Right Extraction for Your Needs

CO2 extraction offers substantial advantages to solvent-based extraction. It is safe, residue-free and customizable.

Compared to other common methods of essential oil extraction, the process is simple and involves no toxic chemicals. Specialized equipment to allow pressurization and temperature control is all that is needed.

The simple process involves breaking down herbal matter in a container with heated and pressurized CO2. CO2 is allowed to then dissipate into the atmosphere or is recovered for another use.

Questions or comments about how CO2 extraction works and how Vitalis Extraction Technology is ready to ship several models? Please comment below.

9 Intriguing Facts about Terpene Extracts

Macro detail of cannabis concentrate live resin (extracted from medical marijuana) with a dabbing tool

You may already know that CO2 extractors are a great way to get terpenes out of plants. But you probably don't know these 9 intriguing facts about terpene extracts.

Put simply, terpenes are essential oils that work to enhance your "high." They also hold several medical benefits. The more in-depth definition of terpenes is they are aromatic organic compounds found in plants and some insects. Cannabis has naturally high levels of terpenes.

If you are like many people, though, you may wonder why terpene extracts matter. That's a good question. There are three things that make terpenes so appealing:

They directly affect the high you achieve and contribute to The Entourage Effect from cannabis

They have a number of proven medical benefits

They provide vape oil and cannabis with the natural flavor

As you can see, terpenes offer several benefits. In addition to all the benefits listed here, there is some other information about terpenes you may find interesting. If you are ready to learn more, keep reading.

1. Proper Storage of Terpenes Helps Maintain the Flavor and Aroma

If you want to maintain the flavor profile and aroma of terpene isolate or strains, they have to stored properly. If proper storage isn't provided, then the terpenes gradually lose the potent flavoring and attractive aroma.

In most cases, the terpenes you purchase provide storage instructions. It's best to follow these to avoid issues.

2. Terpenes Provide Therapeutic Effects

While aromatherapists have stated for years that essential oils offer healing benefits, many want to know if they cause any, actual physiological changes in your body. Studies have shown they do.

Any terpene that has a concentration of more than 0.5 percent is considered pharmacological interest. This means it can effectively alter behavior and bring about various physiological changes.

In fact, in one study, depressed patients were exposed to citrus essential oils. Not only did cases of depression fall, but nine out of the 12 patients stopped taking their antidepressants altogether.

3. Terpene Quality is Impacted by How the Plant is Fed

Regardless of if it is cannabis or another type of plant, the quality of the terpene extracted is impacted by what the plant is fed. If you want to consume cannabis-based terpenes, it's a good idea to find out how the plant was maintained, fed and grown.

When consuming terpenes from other sources, such as fruits, trees, and plants, make sure to find out about the sourcing process. This includes the source choice, storage methods, and extraction.

4. Terpenes Purpose isn't to Make Humans Happy or Feel Better

Humans have a bad habit of thinking that evolution has their species at the center. However, when it comes to terpenes, this isn't the case.

Terpenes aren't on earth with the sole purpose of benefiting humans. In fact, they are actually part of a plants defense system. Terpenes work to protect against high temperatures and pest invasions.

They are just one of those natural mysteries that also happen to make humans feel great.

5. There are Over 200 Terpenes in the Cannabis Plant

According to research, the cannabis plant is made up of a wide array of terpenes that determine each of the strains unique flavor and aroma. Many even claim this is what impacts the cannabis strain's effect.

Many of the terpenes found in cannabis are also found in more common plants, such as Myrcene, which is found in hops, lemongrass and wild thyme and Limonene, which is found in citrus fruits.

6. Cancer Cell Death is Caused by Some Terpenes

Even though the majority of research regarding the effect terpenes have on cancer cells has been done during preclinical studies, this fact doesn't minimize how promising the results have been.

For example, Limonene has shown to have chemopreventive, apoptosis-including, and antiproliferative effects. This means it helps to keep cancer cells from spreading and may cause them to "commit suicide."

7. The Terpene Linalool Can Help Prevent Seizures

Have you ever taking a quick whiff of lavender oil? If so, you know how relaxing it can be. What you may not realize is that Linalool, which is the dominant terpene found in lavender, is known for its anticonvulsant properties.

Scientists have discovered that glutamate, which is the primary excitatory neurotransmitter found in the brain that causes seizure activity, is modulated by the application.

Unfortunately, there has been no research carried out on humans to date.

8. There's a Real Terpene Wheel

Have you ever taken an art class and used a color wheel? This shows you the different colors. Believe it or not, terpenes have a similar wheel.

The terpene wheel displays the type of terpene, where it is found, its aroma and its flavor profile. While it may sound weird or even silly to have a terpene wheel, it is important to realize there are more than 30,000 known terpenes. The wheel can prove to be extremely useful.

9. The Health Benefits of Terpenes are Becoming More Mainstream

For more than 20 years, terpenes were "hidden" and kept off the radar as a viable alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medicines.

However, as more studies have been done, terpenes are gaining more viability and traction toward treating things such as cancer cell growth, sleep deprivation, pain, inflammation and more.

Terpene Extracts: Now You Know

When it comes to terpene extracts, there's still a lot that scientists don't know. The research into these substances is ongoing to discover more about what they are capable of.

If you are interested in learning more about terpenes, the extraction process or other information about cannabis, be sure to visit our site. We provide updated, accurate information for those interested in the cannabis industry.

Press Release – July 30, 2018


Vitalis Extraction Technology Adds Ten New Hires in Ten Days

Doubles Production Capacity, Expands Footprint Helps ‘Future-Proof’ Cannabis Companies

Kelowna, British Columbia – July 30, 2018 – Vitalis Extraction Technology today announced a rapid expansion plan solidifying its position as the largest supercritical CO2 extraction equipment company serving the cannabis industry in North America. Vitalis Extraction Technology works with some of the largest and most award-winning names in cannabis – both extract and edible companies – all over the world.

“Our expansion will keep us one step ahead in a fast-growing industry,” said Joel Sherlock, co-founder and chairman of Vitalis Extraction Technology. “Global market increase brings new and returning customers, meaning we have to increase capacity and productivity on every level. We’re adding to headcount and growing our workspace, which will empower us to double our daily system output while driving new research and development.”

Founded in 2016, Vitalis Extraction Technology produces the most sophisticated high-flowing, industrial-scale, supercritical CO2 extraction systems for the cannabis industry. Voted Top Extraction Equipment at the 2017 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards, Vitalis is on the forefront of emerging Canadian and global markets. Expanding its team of 40 employees, Vitalis’ 10 new hires will include warehouse managers, equipment fabricators and assemblers as well as service technicians across North and South America. The company will almost double its footprint by adding 10,000 square feet of workspace in Kelowna, BC.

“Extraction equipment is one of the most expensive and critical components of cannabis production and distribution, and we understand the gravity of a purchase this size for a growing company,” said Sherlock. “Oftentimes a customer will purchase a machine, and shortly thereafter need a system with greater capacity. Instead of buying a whole new machine, the Vitalis Q and R series systems are ‘future-proofing’ our clients’ businesses, meaning they’re designed to expand for increased output and volume. So when it’s time to scale and expand, no matter the company size, the Vitalis machines will be able to meet those growth needs without a complete replacement.”

Leading the extraction equipment field, Vitalis systems are renowned for their reliability, scalability, and continuous operation. All Vitalis systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME and CSA Standards for Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Code, and stamped with a CRN and NB registration number confirming that the vessels meet code and have been designed and examined by professional engineers and Authorized Inspectors.

“As the cannabis industry grows, so do our clients,” said Sherlock. “Their success is our success. Expanding our space and hiring new talent will empower us to continue to provide the best product and support in the most aggressive timeframes in the industry.”

Vitalis currently has 40 employees and is set to hire 10 more in August and employ a total of 75 people by the close of 2018. On track for a 105% increase in sales this fiscal year, Vitalis is set to remain the largest commercial supercritical CO2 extraction equipment company in the cannabis space in North America.

About Vitalis Extraction Technology

Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc.© (Vitalis) is a privately-owned, Kelowna-based engineering and manufacturing company, producing the highest-flowing industrial supercritical CO2 extraction system for the cannabis industry. The company’s core focus on innovation and design has vaulted it to the forefront of the market. Renowned for their reliability, scalability, and continuous operation, Vitalis systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME and CSA Standards for Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Code. The vessels are stamped with a CRN and NB registration number confirming that the vessels meet code and have been examined by an Authorized Inspector. With systems on three continents, Vitalis has the most deployments of industrial CO2 supercritical extractors into the cannabis industry. Vitalis was voted Top Extraction Equipment at the 2017 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards and Thompson Okanagan Business Excellence Award for Manufacturer of the Year, 2018.


For Additional Information, please contact

Judy Campbell, Campbell Consulting, 541-410-9113

Just Another Night

TOBE Award

It was supposed to be just another fun night.

24 hours after being recognized at Kelowna's Top 40 Under 40 celebration, Pete Patterson and James Seabrook were enjoying the evening at the 2018 Thompson Okanagan Business Excellence Awards.

The gala, hosted and supported by Grant Thornton LLP was the first in the Thompson Okanagan region, celebrating the accomplishments of companies from Kamloops to Penticton.

Then it happened again.

Vitalis Extracton Technology, led by Patterson, Seabrook, and co-founder Joel Sherlock, was the recipient of another accolade, this time taking home the 2018 award for Manufacturing Business of the Year.

Quick to share the success, Patterson immediately thanked the Vitalis team, "This is because of all of you! We have such a great team and I’m proud of all of you".

Without a doubt, the enthusiastic and skilled team at Vitalis is an Okanagan success-story. After more than 2 years of research, development, and innovation, Vitalis opened its doors in early 2016 to take the supercritical extraction industry by storm.

In short order, Vitalis became an industry leader with deployments across three continents and more industrial-scale deployments than any other competitor. With 18 patent claims in the first year alone, Vitalis brought industrial innovation and business expertise to a market that had seen less than 10 patents filed in its lifetime.

Winner of the 2017 Canadian Cannabis Award for Top Extraction Equipment, and finalist in the International Trade Category at the BC Small Business Awards, Vitalis has grown into one of the Okanagan's rising business stars with industry recognition becoming a welcome and regular occurrence.

"We're exceptionally fortunate for the great relationships we've forged with our customers, the amazing team we've assembled, and the growth we've witnessed," Patterson remarks. "Certainly, our future looks bright, and we're extremely happy to be recognized for our accomplishments thus far."

With another trophy bound for the showcase, the bar for what constitutes a fun night at Vitalis is rising.

Extractor of the Month | May

Björn Fritzsche, Sweet Cannabis

Who are you and where do you work?
My name is Björn Fritzsche and I am the Processing Manager at Sweet Cannabis in Portland, Oregon. We’re a recreational cannabis processor and make a variety of products, including co2 vape pens, the Toko line as well as a variety of health products such as co2 THC capsules as part of our Nu line.

What do you do?
I manage the extraction lab at Sweet Cannabis and as part of that operate the Vitalis Q90 together with my lead extractor Zack.

Describe a typical day.
My day usually begins with getting the Vitalis run-ready, which means chilling the co2 down and removing any water from the system. We usually load the biomass the day before so that we’re ready in the morning. We usually top off the co2 tanks on the machine a bit and then start the run. Once the machine is running, we mostly supervise the machine parameters via the web interface. Other parts of my job are production planning and formulation of various cannabis products as well as research and development projects as well as normal management tasks such as assuring compliance with our local laws, i.e. MetRC.

How did you get into extraction?
I started in the medical industry and ended up working for an analytical testing lab for cannabis which also developed supercritical extraction equipment as my background is chemical engineering. After working with mass specs and an intense level of regulatory oversight on the analytical side for a few years, I wanted to switch to the production side and was offered the job here at Sweet Cannabis. Since this was a new company I was in the unique situation of designing the actual production facility down to the wall placement, which is something I could not turn down.

What is the best part of your job?
To this day, I still get a kick out of the scale we do everything at. In the analytical testing world everything is tiny; microliters and ppm. Now I work with 10-liter beakers and can round to the closest gram. That and of course “quality assurance”.

What has been your proudest accomplishment in this field?
My proudest accomplishment is actually not extraction related and by no means just my accomplishment, but I am very proud of the level of benefits that my company offers to all staff, including excellent healthcare and vacation. It seems that more and more of our competitors start to match those benefits, meaning that this industry is finally moving away from the no-benefits, hour-only model it has been for a few years here in Oregon.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
I got into chemistry because of Hofmann and Shulgin.

What was the last book you read?
I generally enjoy non-fiction, but my recent book choices would be too politically charged for this.

What was the last movie you watched in a theatre?

What is your favorite activity outside of work?
I build electronics projects in my garage and enjoy dispersed camping in the national forest here.

bjoern_sweet cannabis

Lightning Round:

Millennium Falcon or Starship Enterprise?
Enterprise; more content and no bad prequels.

PlayStation or Xbox?
PlayStation, because better designed.


Cats or Dogs?

Cheeseburgers or Pizza?
You know they make cheeseburger pizza?

James Bond or Austin Powers?
Which James Bond?

To learn more about the team at Sweet Cannabis and the great products they're producing, check out their website at:


Learn more about the leader in industrial-scale CO2 extraction systems.

Extractor of the Month | April


Elliot Hebert, Extract Labs

What do you do?

General Manager and Co2 Extraction Lead

Describe a typical day.

Working as hard as the day is long

How did you get into extraction?

By sticking with what I love and having the right people around me.

What is the best part of your job?

Making medicine that can better the quality of someone’s life

What has been your proudest accomplishment in this field?

Terpene extractions and post process refinement

What is one thing about extraction that most people don't know?

You must be an engineer and chemist to orchestrate the correct final product

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My Father, for his work ethic and balanced luxurious lifestyle

What was the last book you read?

Ashoka Tano, A Star Wars Story

What was the last movie you watched in a theatre?

Star Wars, The Last Jedi

What is your favorite activity outside of work?

Video Games and Music Festivals

A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

He’s here to deliver my ice-cold margarita and says, “Somebody call the zoo!!!”

Lightning Round:

Millennium Falcon or Starship Enterprise

Falcon, who wouldn’t want a Wookie by their side?

Avengers or Justice League?

Justice League, they have Superman

PlayStation or Xbox?

Xbox, Halo was my childhood #Spartan117

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs, you don’t see cats bringing their owners beers

Cheeseburgers or Pizza?

Why choose? Sounds like a perfect night

Lions or Tigers or Bears?

Leo Lions rule this earth

James Bond or Austin Powers?

Austin Powers baby!!! I get my mojo from this guy

To learn more about the team at Extract Labs and the great products they're producing, check out their website at:


Learn more about the leader in industrial-scale CO2 extraction systems.