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Somewhere between psychedelics and tech // #4 – Natasha Raey

By Marketing | November 1, 2020

‘Somewhere between psychedelics & tech’ // #4 – Natasha Raey // The Extraction Insiders “We need more of that…more communities so people can share and learn because I think that’s a missing piece. Even going into psychedelics, that’s one piece where a lot of people don’t have information or education. If you think of your […]

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There’s just something about Mary // #3 – Mary Babitz

By Marketing | October 1, 2020

‘There’s just something about Mary’ // #3 – Mary Babitz // The Extraction Insiders “I do smile when I see new equipment and like a non-cannabis sort of traditional sales effort into the cannabis space. You have to know your customers…you’re out in front of them, you’re talking to them, you’re going to their facilities […]

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Knowing when to Hold your Tongue // #2 – Kayla Mann

By Marketing | September 27, 2020

‘Knowing when to Hold your Tongue’ // #2 – Kayla Mann // The Extraction Insiders “Camaraderie is the biggest thing people trying to do this shit on their own – yeah you have the luck-ability to succeed. I think we’re in this today, growing this industry and flying the plane while building it. The biggest […]

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You’re Going to Need Clever Humans // #1 – Kiran Dayaram

By Marketing | August 20, 2020

‘You’re Going to Need Clever Humans’ // #1 – Kiran Dayaram // The Extraction Insiders “What GMP brings is confidence in the manufacturing process because you’ve got so many checks and balances along the way…in the long term you actually save money because you have less non-conformances to deal with because you’ve got so many […]

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Cannabis-Derived Terpenes Versus Botanical Terpenes

By Marketing | July 9, 2020

Make a Good Product Great: The Difference Between Cannabis-Derived Terpenes and Botanical Terpenes There is no subset of people who uncork a high-end bottle of wine and speak avidly about how ‘alcoholic’ it is, disregarding its flavors and subtle qualities. There would be no point – winemaking, like so many other creative processes, is an […]

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Hemp Extraction & CBD: A Billion Dollar Industry

By Marketing | June 24, 2020

While the cannabis industry as a whole is expanding, it is the use of CBD extracted from hemp that is proving to be the perfect entry point into the industry for businesses both small and large. According to Statista, the U.S. consumer sales of cannabidiol (CBD) are expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2022, while […]

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Vitalis high-yield c02 extraction

High-yield CO2 Extraction

By Marketing | June 9, 2020

Making it Worth The Squeeze When life gives you lemons… use them to improve your yield! Successful extraction, while a precise science, can be mastered using a little creative comparison. Forget the intricacies of the equipment and technical terminology associated with it for just a second. Instead, grab a lemon (for visual purposes), and a […]

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GMP During Covid-19

By Marketing | April 30, 2020

  THE FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING In the global race to combat the pandemic with medical supplies and vaccines, the role that manufacturing plays has never been more important. While the pace of production is where minds may go first, what’s proving to be an invaluable lesson in times like these regardless of industry, is ensuring […]

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Financing Alternatives in Complex Markets

By Marketing | March 31, 2020

  Cannabis Financing Alternatives in Complex Markets Finding the right resource for business financing comes with its own set of challenges, but those in the cannabis space, in particular, have an extra set of hurdles (or two) to climb over. Much like the mining and construction industries, cannabis falls into the high-risk category leaving entrepreneurs […]

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