5 Reasons to Love the Vitalis Implementation Process

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When you operate in a highly competitive landscape like extraction, there are pressures and challenges to deal with on a regular basis. From the market viability of a product, to ensuring optimal capacity for business gains, to ensuring the organization is providing a safe and productive workplace for employees, there can be an endless list of concerns for any business. With multiple projects going on at once, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

But from the moment a customer engages Vitalis as their extraction system provider, our service and implementation teams step up to the plate to ensure that the process from initial deposit to installation is a positive experience.

With a straightforward and proven plan for implementation, here are 5 reasons to love the Vitalis service and implementation teams.


Right from the point the purchase is finalized, the implementation team gets working. The account manager makes the introduction to a dedicated project coordinator who starts to work on the plan to get your system delivered and installed efficiently.

While each customer’s business is different, the pathway to installing a Vitalis system in your facility remains relatively the same. It is based on a project plan that has been executed on 4 different continents for numerous other members of the Vitalis family, continually proven successful. From initial kick-off, the project coordinator is dedicated to helping you get your facility ready for delivery and ensuring that you're aware of all timelines and milestones along the way.

Pre-installation documents are prepared to help identify electrical, plumbing, refrigeration and facility necessities before your Vitalis can be properly installed, and the project coordinator works directly with you to ensure that all requirements are met.

Having a dedicated project coordinator as your one point of contact helps streamline communication and move the project along efficiently. This can make the difference between excitement and disappointment as project goals are achieved. Throughout the implementation process, the Vitalis team of professionals are committed to an exceptional customer experience from start to finish.


With so many moving parts involved in setting up an extraction facility, there can be an overwhelming number of tasks and details that need to be addressed. But, with easy-to-follow documentation and checklists, the Vitalis implementation team makes sure that each of these items are documented, catalogued, and addressed with your team.

The project coordinator schedules delivery of the system components including the hot-water heater, refrigeration unit, and extraction system. Working directly with your tradespeople, the project coordinator will ensure clarity and open communication as these units are set up.

Before the first pieces arrive to your facility, exact instructions for installation will be provided to your site team. The project coordinator will also aid with equipment placement – for best workflow optimization, they will drop equipment models into the facility CAD layout you provide. Once equipment arrives on-site and is placed in the predetermined location, the first of two video walkthroughs are scheduled to verify all components before hard utility connections are made.

With all of the coverage from checklists to check-ins, the implementation team helps you stay ahead of the full scope of objectives for a smooth installation.


Installation and setup of your new Vitalis extraction system is the final process in transitioning from build-mode to processing. From there, your hard work begins to pay off as your system will be fully operational and ready to produce the high-quality extract you need for product realization.

Vitalis equipment will arrive to your site in several large shipping crates. Following the detailed plan provided by your project coordinator, opening the crates and placing the equipment in its pre-determined location is a straightforward process completed by your site team. Once placed, your tradespeople can make the appropriate connections for the electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration following our detailed installation documentation. Completion of these connections moves you into the final step of pre-commissioning where the last video walkthrough is carried out allowing us to verify all installation tasks are complete.

The Vitalis commissioning team is dispatched to your facility following the pre-commissioning walkthrough and checklist verification. Once on-site, they make the final connections, test the equipment, and complete a first-run validation to make sure the system is in perfect working order. With a coordinated and practiced approach, the technicians finalize system installation, get sign-off on the necessary documentation, and green-light the equipment for use.


Once the equipment is fully commissioned, the fun really begins with a comprehensive training program for your operators. From individuals brand new to the industry, to experienced operators, the Vitalis technicians have trained a wide variety of people on how to operate the system safely and efficiently according to best practices.

It can be an intimidating experience working with a high-pressure, high-performance piece of equipment, but the training provided helps new operators gain comfort and confidence in their abilities to use the system. In the first days of training, your team learns best practices for operation, standard maintenance to keep the system running optimally, and how to start recovering rich, broad-spectrum oil extract.

This step is a culmination of all the work and effort put in, from the purchasing team to trades to operators. From here onwards, your lab and operators are ready to start processing, and your company is able to start producing.


In many common experiences, people have become accustomed to being left on their own, simply hoping that they have the knowledge necessary to succeed. It's become all too common for people to feel abandoned at this point, pressured to either sink or swim.

But working with a company like Vitalis, that just isn't an option. From initial purchase to install, the team has been by your side helping with preparations and arrangements, managing schedules and timelines, and providing training and education. At this point, there's no other way to raise the bar than to ensure that our service teams are available to assist with ongoing support. And because you're now a member of the Vitalis Family, supporting you is exactly what we do.

With 24/7 access to our technical support team, a scheduled on-site follow up in the first 6 weeks of operation (including additional training time), and the newly launched Vitalis Care program, you are backed by Vitalis’ commitment to customer success and excellence. Multiple lines of communication are available backed by the industry-leading Vitalis service team standing ready to help, so you can rest assured knowing that your extraction system is supported by the global leader in CO2 extraction solutions.

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